Democratic Imagination: Envisioning Popular Power In The...

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Democracy is very much an open question in the early twenty-first century. While voter participation declines in many traditional democracies, new movements for democracy are emerging around the world. This book
ings the question of democracy out of the halls of political power and home to our daily lives, pitting "official democracy" and "democracy from below" against one another in a lively debate.For more information see

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The Democratic Imaginationexamines different conceptions of democracy, exploring tensions that emerge in key moments and debates in the history of democracy, from Ancient Greece to the French Revolution to contemporary Egypt.

Table of Contents
List of Exercising Your Democratic Imagination Textboxes<
/>1. Democracy as an Open Question<
/>2. Political, Social, and Economic Democracy<
/>3. Citizenship and Inequality<
/>4. There and Not There: Representation and Participation<
/>5. Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Democracy, and the State<
/>6. The Power of Knowing<
/>7. Democracy and Body Politics<
/>8. The Struggle Continues<