Reckoning: Canadian Prisoners Of War In The Great War

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Author Greenfield, Nathan
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From the author of the Governor General’s Award—finalistThe Damnedcomes the riveting true story of Canadian POWs in the First World War“The Reckoninginterweaves Great War battles with grim POW life into a readable, engrossing, at times funny tale of determination, hope and bloody-minded stubbornness.” —Maclean’sNearly a hundred years have passed since the end of the First World War, but fascination with the conflict is never-ending. InThe Reckoning,bestselling author and Governor General’s Award—nominee Nathan M. Greenfield explores life and death in the camps as well as the attempts to run for freedom. Readers are taken into the camps, where conditions were generally vile. Soldiers had little to eat but thin soup and putrid meat. Canadian men were used as slave labourers in salt mines and coal mines, and those who refused the work were beaten. Any soldiers thought to have engaged in sabotage were beaten and tortured, and some were murdered. Hundreds tried to escape using a variety of ingenious methods. Some even succeeded. These are the forgotten stories of our soldiers at war and in the camps, and of how they never gave up hope of making it out alive.