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Author King, Thomas
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The award-winning, bestselling author ofThe Back of the TurtleandThe Inconvenient Indianmasters the comic mystery novel in this series opener, starring ex-cop Thumps DreadfulWaterThumps DreadfulWater is a Cherokee ex-cop trying to make a living as a photographer in the small town of Chinook, somewhere in the northwestern United States. But he doesn’t count on snapping shots of a dead body languishing in a newly completed luxury condo resort built by the local Indian band. It’s a mystery that Thumps can’t help getting involved in, especially when he realizes the number one suspect is Stick Merchant, anti-condo protester and wayward son of Claire Merchant, head of the tribal council and DreadfulWater’s sometimes lover. Smart and savvy, blessed with a killer dry wit and a penchant for self-deprecating humour, DreadfulWater just can’t manage to shed his California cop skin. Before long, he is deeply entangled in the mystery and has his work cut out for him.A novel that will appeal to mystery fans as well as Thomas King’s loyal audience,DreadfulWater Shows Upis a catchy, clever read.