Psychiatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

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Don't overthink it - learning psychiatric nursing can be Incredibly Easy!This psychiatric nursing guide will help you master the assessment, management, and recovery of your mental health patients.Part of the popular and award-winning Made Incredibly Easy series, this newly updated edition clarifies the complexities of psychiatric nursing, providing an oasis of down-to-earth wisdom and guidance. Seasoned experts in psychiatric-mental health nursing present symptoms, causes and diagnostic methods for more than 70 psychiatric disorders describing the latest in treatment approaches, psychopharmacology, and nursing interventions. Numerous helpful patient care tips are offered in a reader-friendly format and positive tone, interlaced with the series' trademark humor. This is an encouraging and insightful reference for students and nurses of all specialties and skill levels.Features:- Updated content reflects DSM-5· Concise, reader-friendly content illuminates complex concepts· “Nurse Joy offers tips and encouragement throughout· Topics covered include: disorders of children and adolescents; disorders of the elderly; schizophrenia; mood and anxiety disorders; dissociative disorders; personality disorders; eating disorders; substance use disorders· Disorders listed with: introduction; typical symptoms; possible causes; diagnostic methods; treatment approaches; nursing interventions· Numerous quick-scan tables, flow charts, and illustrations· Special features:·Advice from the experts- Practical tips from experienced psychiatric nurses·Myth busters- Distinguishes fact from fiction about people with mental illness·Bridging the gap- Discusses the unique needs and beliefs of different cultural groups·Meds matters- Pharmacologic and herbal remedies for psychiatric problems·Quick quiz- At end of each chapter·Memory joggers- Mnemonics that help readers remember difficult concepts

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Written in the award-winning Incredibly Easy style, this invaluable reference is packed with the most up-to-date information on more than 70 psychiatric disorders. Clear language and a simple organization keep information concise and easy to find. The reference is organized by disorders and includes an overview of psychiatric nursing. Numerous icons provide the reader with tips on caring for psychiatric patients from experts, the latest research, cultural considerations, and the latest news in psychopharmacology. Memory joggers and quick quizzes reinforce learning. An appendix of Web resources is included for further study.<
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Table of Contents
ContentsContributors and consultantsForewordPsychiatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, 2eChapter 1: Introduction to Psychiatric NursingElizabeth LynchChapter 2: Disorders of Children and AdolescentsLinda Carman CopelChapter 3: Disorders of the ElderlyBarbara BroomeChapter 4: SchizophreniaChien Yin CepedaChapter 5: Mood DisordersJanet SomlyayChapter 6: Anxiety DisordersGilda MarkChapter 7: Somatic Symptom and Related DisordersKathleen R. TusaieChapter 8: Dissociative DisordersVirginia ConleyChapter 9: Personality DisordersDorit BreiterChapter 10: Eating DisordersDorit BreiterChapter 11: Substance Use DisordersWilliam LormanChapter 12: Sleep DisordersMatthew SorensonChapter 13: Sexual DisordersDonna Sabella