Goodbye Salad Days: Kevin Faces Adulthood

Item Information
Item#: 9781452181936
Author Scott, Traer
Cover Hardback

Goodbye Salad Daystells the story of Kevin, a regular hamster in a familiar quarter-life crisis.

Kevin's got his own hamster-sized home, hamster-sized furniture, and the soul-crushing societal expectation to do adulthood right.

Both adorable and painfully relatable,this book is sure to hit a soft spot in any reader trying to make the best of growing up and facing adulthood.

• Features 25 scenarios with short captions
• Filled with full color photographs of Kevin in handmade dioramas
• At once perfectly weird and very relatable, making it a great gift

Life for Kevin means enduring the grind of work responsibilities, an aching body, and mounting pressure from his parents to start a family, among other things.

This sweet and funny book is a great gift or self-purchase for anyone hitting their quarter-life crisis and in need of some relatable laughs.

• This hilarious and cute book is for anyone who has experienced (or is about to experience) these moments of loss and despair, and need a good laugh or a pick-me-up
• Also a great gift for anyone who loves hamsters—especially funny photos of them
• Author Traer Scott is a celebrated animal photographer with work featured inNational Geographic
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