Current Therapy In Reptile Medicine & Surgery

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Current Therapy in Reptile Medicine and Surgery is a valuable reference that emphasizes topics of real clinical relevance in reptile and amphibian medicine. With details on therapeutic regimens, this text also features coverage of infectious diseases, anesthesia, surgery, and advances in biology and conservation. Colorful illustrations showcase exotic animals, and numerous tables and figures provide quick access to essential information."This is a great book for anyone interested in herptile medicine and surgery, worth every penny and I am sure will go on to become a regular series."Reviewed by: Jonathan Cracknell.Date: 25/07/2014

Table of Contents
Specialization in Reptile MedicineSECTION I: ADVANCES IN REPTILE MEDICINE 1. Current Herpetological Husbandry and Products2. Common Pathology and Diseases Seen in Pet Store Reptiles3. Clinical Aspects of Evolution in Reptile Medicine4. Molecular Infectious Disease Diagnostics5. Clinical Virology6. Updates on Fungal Infections in Reptiles7. Therapeutics8. Clinical Pathology9. CT and MRI10. Ultrasonography11. Conditioning and Behavioral Training in ReptilesSECTION II: ADVANCES IN ANESTHESIA, SURGERY AND ANALGESIA 12. Anesthesia13. Diagnostic Endoscopy14. Endosurgery15. Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure in Chelonians16. New Techniques in Chelonian Shell Repair17. Video Telescopic Operating Microscope: A Recent Development in Reptile Microsurgery18. Analgesia19. Reptiles and Amphibians in Laboratory Animal MedicineSECTION III: ADVANCES IN AMPHIBIAN MEDICINE 20. Amphibian Therapy21. Amphibian Diversity in a New Era of Amphibian Taxonomy22. Exhibiting Amphibians23. Infectious Diseases of Amphibians: It Isn't Just Redleg Anymore24. Chytridiomycosis25. Short Tongue Syndrome and Hypovitaminosis A26. RanavirusesSECTION IV: ADVANCES IN BIOLOGY, CONSERVATION, LEGAL AND RESEARCH 27. Conservation Issues28. Invasive and Introduced Reptiles and Amphibians29. Techniques for Working with Wild Reptiles30. Forensics in Reptile InvestigationAPPENDICES Appendix 1: Developing your Reptile Medicine IQ: Learning How to Get the Most Out of and Contribute to the Herpetologic LiteratureAppendix 2: Drug Formulary and Laboratory Normals