Canine & Feline Cytology: ... Atlas & Interpretation Guide

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Edition 03
Author Raskin, Rose & Meyer, Denny
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"This is a go-to' reference text for a serious cytologist. " Reviewed by: Kathleen Tennant on behalf of Veterinary Record, November 2015

Table of Contents
1. The Acquisition and Management of Cytology Specimens<
>2. General Categories of Cytologic Interpretation<
>3. Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues<
>4. Lymphoid System<
>5. Respiratory Tract<
>6. Body Cavity Fluids<
>7. Oral Cavity, Gastrointestinal Tract, and Associated Structures<
>8. Dry-Mount Fecal Cytology<
>9. The Liver<
>10. Urinary Tract<
>11. Microscopic Examination of the Urinary Sediment<
>12. Reproductive System<
>13. Musculoskeletal System<
>14. The Central Nervous System<
>15. Eye and Adnexa<
>16. Endocrine System<
>17. Advanced Diagnostic Techniques<
>Appendix: Reference Values and Key Characteristics