Brenner & Rector's The Kidney, 2-volume Set

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Overcome the toughest clinical challenges in nephrology withBrenner & Rector's The Kidney-- themost well-known nephrology resource in the world . A diverse team of more than 200 international contributors
ings you the latest knowledge and best practices on every front in nephrology worldwide. From basic science and pathophysiology to clinical best practices,Brenner & Rector's The Kidneyis your go-to resource for any stage of your career.

Table of Contents
Section I: Normal Structure and Function Chapter 1 Em
yology of the KidneyChapter 2 Anatomy of the KidneyChapter 3 The Renal Circulations and Glomerular UltrafiltrationChapter 4 Metabolic Basis of Solute TransportChapter 5 Transport of Sodium, Chloride, and PotassiumChapter 6 Aldosterone Regulation of Ion TransportChapter 7 Transport of Magnesium, Calcium, and PhosphateChapter 8 Transport of Organic SolutesChapter 9 Renal Acidification MechanismsChapter 10 Urine Concentration and DilutionChapter 11 Cell Biology of Vasopressin ActionChapter 12 Vasoactive Molecules and the KidneyChapter 13 Arachidonic Acid Metabolites and the KidneySection II: Disorders of Body Fluid Volume and CompositionChapter 14 Extracellular Fluid and Edema FormationChapter 15 Disorders of Water BalanceChapter 16 Disorders of Acid-Base BalanceChapter 17 Disorders of Potassium BalanceChapter 18 Disorders of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate BalanceSection III: Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Kidney DiseaseChapter 19 Epidemiology of Kidney DiseaseChapter 20 Demographics of Kidney DiseaseChapter 21 Risk Factors and Kidney DiseaseChapter 22 Nephron EndowmentChapter 23 Aging and Kidney DiseaseSection IV: Evaluation of the Patient with Kidney DiseaseChapter 24 Approach to the Patient with Kidney DiseaseChapter 25 Laboratory Assessment of Kidney Disease: Glomerular Filtration Rate, Urinalysis, and ProteinuriaChapter 26 Interpretation of Electrolyte and Acid-Base Parameters in Blood and UrineChapter 27 Diagnostic Kidney ImagingChapter 28 The Renal BiopsyChapter 29 Biomarkers in Acute Kid