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The story of an astonishing band of Canadian soldiers and their part in the Allied victory in Italy.The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (the Hasty Ps) was Canada’s most decorated regiment in the Second World War, winning thirty-one battle honours. Famed for their role in the Allied invasion of Sicily and the conquest of Italy, for six years the members of the regiment suffered brutal conditions, fighting bravely in the face of fierce opposition from the enemy, and ultimately triumphing.InThe Regiment(originally published in 1955), Farley Mowat, famed Canadian fiction writer and regiment member, tells the story of the Hasty Ps, from their recruitment in September 1939 until the end of the war. Mowat was a second lieutenant and platoon leader with the regiment, and writes movingly of the great suffering his fellow soldiers endured, their bravery in battle, and the lasting friendships he forged as a member of the group.

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The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (the Hasty Ps) was Canada’s most decorated regiment in the Second World War. InThe Regiment, Farley Mowat, famed novelist and member of the regiment, movingly recounts the story of the Hasty Ps, telling the story of his fellow soldiers and their vital role in the Allied conquest of Italy.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Lieutenant-Colonel Shawn D. McKinstry, OMM, CDIntroduciton by Lee WindsorThe RegimentForeword to the Original EditionPrelude: The Years Before1 Phoenix in Uniform2 The Tiger in Their Midst3 “Cook’s Tour”4 “The Waiting Years”5 The Hour Strikes6 The Sands of Sicily7 Death Valley8 Montgomery’s Mountain Goats9 The Flavour of Defeat10 A Trap Unsprung11 Interlude in the Apennines12 The River of Blood13 Battle of the Bulge14 Winter Front15 The Road to Rome16 The Regiment at Rest17 The Gothic Line18 Gateway to the Plains19 Across the Rubicon20 Betrayal21 Operation Chuckle22 The Battle Without End23 Resurrection24 The End in ViewAftermath: The Years AheadGlossaryIndex