Among The Walking Wounded: Soldiers, Survival, & Ptsd

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Author Conrad, John
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A gripping account of PTSD, and a stark reminder that, for many, wars go on long after the last shot is fired.<
/>In the shadows of army life is a world where friends become monsters, where kindness twists into assault, and where self-loathing and despair become constant companions. Whether you know it by old names like “soldier’s heart,” “shell shock,” or “combat fatigue,” post-traumatic stress disorder has left deep and silent wounds throughout history in the ranks of fighting forces.<
/>Among the Walking Woundedtells one veteran’s experience of PTSD through an intimate personal account, as visceral as it is blunt. In a courageous story of descent and triumph, it tackles the stigma of PTSD head-on and
ings an enduring message of struggle and hope for wounded Canadian veterans. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about Canadian veterans and the dark war they face long after their combat service is ended.

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This is a Canadian veteran’s experience of PTSD delivered in an intimate personal account that is as visceral as it is blunt — a courageous story of dark descent and painful triumph that stands as a testament for many Canadian soldiers who still fight and suffer in the shadows.

Table of Contents
/>Terms and Ab
/>Foreword (by Martha Rutherford Conrad)<
/>Part 1: Grouping<
/>Chapter 1: Doppelgänger<
/>Chapter 2: Remnants<
/>Chapter 3: The Widening Gyre<
/>Chapter 4: Andy's Song<
/>Part 2: Zeroing<
/>Chapter 5: A Funeral For Trooper Caswell<
/>Chapter 6: Forward Momentum<
/>Chapter 7: The Lonesome Death of Corporal Joshua Wood<
/>Chapter 8: The Sun Also Rises<
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