Among The Walking Wounded: Soldiers, Survival, & Ptsd

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Author Conrad, John
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A gripping account of PTSD, and a stark reminder that, for many, wars go on long after the last shot is fired.In the shadows of army life is a world where friends become monsters, where kindness twists into assault, and where self-loathing and despair become constant companions. Whether you know it by old names like “soldier’s heart,” “shell shock,” or “combat fatigue,” post-traumatic stress disorder has left deep and silent wounds throughout history in the ranks of fighting forces.Among the Walking Woundedtells one veteran’s experience of PTSD through an intimate personal account, as visceral as it is blunt. In a courageous story of descent and triumph, it tackles the stigma of PTSD head-on and brings an enduring message of struggle and hope for wounded Canadian veterans. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about Canadian veterans and the dark war they face long after their combat service is ended.

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This is a Canadian veteran’s experience of PTSD delivered in an intimate personal account that is as visceral as it is blunt — a courageous story of dark descent and painful triumph that stands as a testament for many Canadian soldiers who still fight and suffer in the shadows.

Table of Contents
AcknowledgementsTerms and AbbreviationsForeword (by Martha Rutherford Conrad)PrologueIntroductionPart 1: GroupingChapter 1: DoppelgängerChapter 2: RemnantsChapter 3: The Widening GyreChapter 4: Andy's SongPart 2: ZeroingChapter 5: A Funeral For Trooper CaswellChapter 6: Forward MomentumChapter 7: The Lonesome Death of Corporal Joshua WoodChapter 8: The Sun Also RisesEpilogueNotesImage Credits