Canadian Kingdom: 150 Years Of Constitutional Monarchy

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Author Jackson, D Michael (Ed)
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An integral part of Canada’s political culture, the constitutional monarchy has evolved over the 150 years since Confederation to become a uniquely Canadian institution.<
/>Canada inherited the constitutional monarchy from Britain even before Confederation in 1867. In the 150 years since then, the Crown has shaped, and been shaped by, Canada’s achievement of independence, its robust federalism, the unique identity of Quebec, and its relationship with Indigenous peoples.<
/>What has this “Canadian Crown” contributed to the Canada of the twenty-first century? How is this historic yet resilient institution perceived today? The essays in this book respond to these questions from a variety of perspectives, encompassing the arts, the role of the vice-regal representatives, the Indigenous peoples, and the contemporary position of the monarch. In discussing whether there is a distinctly Canadian monarchy, the authors look beyond Canada’s borders, too, and explore how Canada’s development has influenced other Commonwealth realms.

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An integral part of Canada’s political culture, constitutional monarchy has evolved since Confederation to become a uniquely Canadian institution. How has it shaped twenty-first-century Canada? How have views on the monarchy changed? Eleven experts on the history of Canada’s Crown take up these questions from diverse perspectives.

Table of Contents
John Fraser and D. Michael Jackson: PrefaceD. Michael Jackson: Introduction: The Canadian Crown at 150 YearsPart 1: The Crown in Canadian HistoryBarbara J. Messamore: Confederation, Continuity, and the Crown: Some Reflections on Canada 150Carolyn Harris: Royalty and the Arts in CanadaRobert E. Hawkins: Vimy and the Role of Canada’s MonarchyPart 2: The Crown and Indigenous PeoplesSteven Point: The Crown and First Nations in British Columbia: A Personal ViewNathan Tidridge: Decolonizing the Crown in Canada: Restoring the Queen at the Council FirePart 3: The Crown and Indigenous PeoplesAndrew Heard: The Crown in Canada: Is There a Canadian Monarchy?Serge Joyal: The Oath of Allegiance: A New PerspectiveChristopher McCreery: The Vulnerability of Vice-Regal Offices in CanadaPart 4: The Crown and the RealmsPeter Boyce: Australian Perspectives on a Shared MonarchySean Palmer: The Path to Nationalization: How the Realms Have Made the Monarchy Their OwnJohn Fraser: A Tale of Two Sovereigns; or, How the Queen of Canada Helps the Queen of the United KingdomContributorsPhoto Credits