Handbook Of Mindfulness: Theory Research & Practice

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An authoritative handbook, this volume offers both a comprehensive review of the current science of mindfulness and a guide to its ongoing evolution. Leading scholars explore mindfulness in the context of contemporary psychological theories of attention, perceptual processing, motivation, and behavior, as well as within a rich cross-disciplinary dialogue with the contemplative traditions. After surveying basic research from neurobiological, cognitive, emotional/affective, and interpersonal perspectives, the book delves into applications of mindfulness practice in healthy and clinical populations, reviewing a growing evidence base. Examined are interventions for behavioral and emotion dysregulation disorders, depression, anxiety, and addictions, and for physical health conditions.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: The Evolution of Mindfulness Science, Kirk Warren Brown, J. David Creswell, & Richard M. RyanI. Historical and Conceptual Overview of Mindfulness2. Buddhist Conceptualizations of Mindfulness, Rupert Gethin3. Developing Attention and Decreasing Affective Bias: Toward a Cross-Cultural Cognitive Science of Mindfulness, Jake H. Davis & Evan Thompson4. Reconceptualizing Mindfulness: The Psychological Principles of Attending in Mindfulness Practice and Their Role in Well-Being, James CarmodyII. Mindfulness in the Context of Contemporary Psychological Theory5. Mindfulness in the Context of the Attention System, Yi Yuan Tang & Michael I. Posner6. Mindfulness in the Context of Processing Mode Theory, Edward R. Watkins7. Being Aware and Functioning Fully: Mindfulness and Interest-Taking within Self-Determination Theory, Edward L. Deci, Richard M. Ryan, Patricia P. Schultz, & Christopher P. Niemiec8. Mindfulness in Contextual Cognitive-Behavioral Models, Thomas G. Szabo, Douglas M. Long, Matthieu Villatte & Steven C. HayesIII. Basic Science of Mindfulness9. From Conceptualization to Operationalization of Mindfulness, Jordan T. Quaglia, Kirk Warren Brown, Emily K. Lindsay, J. David Creswell, & Robert J. Goodman10. The Neurobiology of Mindfulness Meditation, Fadel Zeidan11. Cognitive Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, Marieke K. van Vugt12. Emotional Benefits of Mindfulness, Joanna J. Arch & Lauren N. Landy13. The Science of Presence: A Central Mediator of the Interpersonal Benefits of Mindfulness, Suzanne C. Parker, Benjamin W. Nelson, Elissa S. Epel, Daniel J. Siegel14. Did the Buddha Have a Self?: No-Self, Self, and Mindfulness in Buddhist Thought and Western Psychologies, Richard M. Ryan & C. Scott RigbyIV. Mindfulness Interventions for Healthy Populations15. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Healthy Stressed Adults, Shauna L. Shapiro & Hooria Jazaieri16. Mindfulness Training for Children and Adolescents: A State-of-the-Science Review, David S. Black17. Mindfulness Training to Enhance Positive Functioning, Kirk Warren BrownV. Mindfulness Interventions for Clinical Populations18. Mindfulness Interventions for Emotional Dysregulation Disorders: From Self-Control to Self-Regulation, Thomas R. Lynch, Sophie A. Lazarus, & Jennifer S. Cheavens19. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Depression, Julie Anne Irving, Norman A. S. Farb, & Zindel V. Segal20. Mindfulness in the Treatment of Anxiety, Sarah A. Hayes-Skelton & Lauren P. Wadsworth21. A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Addiction, Sarah Bowen, Cassandra Vieten, Katie Witkiewitz, & Haley Douglas22. Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Physical Conditions: A Selective Review, Linda E. Carlson23. Biological Pathways Linking Mindfulness with Health, J. David Creswell