Bipolar Workbook: Tools For Controlling Your Mood Swings

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Item#: 9781462520237
Edition 02
Author Basco, Monica Ramirez
Cover Paperback
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Bipolar disorder is a lifelong challenge, but it doesn't have to rule your life. Join the many tens of thousands of readers who have used the science-based tools in this book to achieve greater balance and get the most out of treatment. Leading expert Dr. Monica Ramirez Basco helps you understand the nature of bipolar illness and recognize the early warning signs of mood swings. Step-by-step exercises (you can download and print additional copies of the forms as needed) give you greater insight into your own triggers, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Dr. Basco guides you to build the particular skills you need to withstand the seductive pull of manic episodes and escape the paralysis of depression. You'll also learn key strategies for managing stress, making healthy decisions, and solving problems. Vivid stories and examples illustrate how to put the techniques into action. Significantly revised, the second edition features a new structure, more succinct chapters, and streamlined exercises.

Table of Contents
Step 1. Get the Big Picture1. Understand How You Can Control Your Mood Swings2. Learn about the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder3. Distinguish Symptoms from the Real YouStep 2. See It Coming4. Recognize and Label Your Moods5. Identify Triggers and Improve CopingStep 3. Don't Make It Worse6. Avoid Things That Make You Feel Worse7. Don't Let Your Emotions Control Your Thoughts8. Stop Avoidance and ProcrastinationStep 4. Reduce Your Symptoms9. Regain Control When You Feel Overwhelmed10. Change Your Negative Outlook11. Analyze Your Thoughts12. Work through Denial about Needing Medication13. Improve Medication ConsistencyStep 5. Strengthen Your Coping Skills14. Effectively Solve Problems15. Strengthen Stress Management Skills and Healthy Habits16. Make Better Decisions17. Maintain Your GainsResources