Psychological Approaches To Pain Management

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This authoritative handbook--now significantly revised with more than 50% new material--introduces practitioners and students to the state of the art in psychological interventions for managing pain. Leading experts review the most effective treatment approaches for enhancing patients' coping and self-efficacy and reducing pain-related disability, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, biofeedback, clinical hypnosis, group therapy, and more. Strategies for integrating psychosocial and medical treatments for specific populations are described, with chapters on back pain, headache, cancer, and other prevalent chronic pain disorders. Attention is given to customizing intervention for individual patients, maximizing treatment adherence, and preventing overuse of opioids and other medications.New to This Edition*Chapter on resilience, focusing on mindfulness-and acceptance-based approaches.*Chapters on managing pain with comorbid psychological disorders (posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder).*Chapter on emerging uses of technology.*Even more practitioner friendly: every chapter concludes with bulleted "Clinical Highlights."*Many new authors; extensively revised with over 15 years of research and clinical advances.

Table of Contents
I. Conceptual, Diagnostic, and Methodological Issues1. Biopsychosocial Perspective on Chronic Pain, Dennis C. Turk & Elena S. Monarch2. Psychological Disorders and Chronic Pain: Are There Cause-and-Effect Relationships?, Eric Salas, Nancy Kishino, Jeffrey Dersh, & Robert J. Gatchel3. Conducting and Evaluating Treatment Outcome Studies, Amanda C. de C. Williams & Stephen MorleyII. Treatment Approaches and Methods4. Enhancing Motivation to Change in Pain Treatment, Mark P. Jensen5. Operant and Related Conditioning with Chronic Pain: Back to Basics, Steven H. Sanders6. A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective on the Treatment of Individuals Experiencing Chronic Pain, Dennis C. Turk7. Introduction to Biofeedback Training for Chronic and Acute Pain Disorders, John G. Arena & James D. Tankersley8. Clinical Hypnosis in the Treatment of Chronic and Acute Pain, Lindsey C. McKernan, Michael R. Nash, & David R. Patterson9. Exposure In Vivo for Pain-Related Fear, Johan W. S. Vlaeyen, Marlies den Hollander, Jeroen de Jong, & Laura Simons10. Group Therapy for Patients with Chronic Pain, Francis J. Keefe, Pat M. Beaupre, Meredith E. Rumble, Sarah A. Kelleher, & Alyssa N. Van Denburg11. Treating Adults with Chronic Pain and Their Families: Application of an Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Transactional Model, Hallie Tankha, Robert D. Kerns, & AnnMarie Cano12. Facilitating Patient Resilience: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Acceptance, and Positive Social and Emotional Interventions, John A. Sturgeon & Beth D. Darnall13. Integration of Pharmacotherapy with Psychological Treatment of Chronic Pain, Peter B. Polatin, Noor M. Gajraj, & Howard Cohen14. Using Advanced Technologies to Improve Access to Treatment, to Improve Treatment, and to Directly Alter Experience, Christopher Eccleston, Abby Tabor, & Edmund KeoghIII. Specific Syndromes and Populations15. Evaluating Patients for Neuromodulation Procedures, Daniel M. Doleys & Leanne R. Cianfrini16. Strengthening Self-Management of Low Back Pain in Primary Care: An Evolving Paradigm, Ben H. Balderson, Sherri D. Pruitt, & Michael Von Korff17. A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Early Interventions to Prevent Chronic Pain-Related Disability, Steven James Linton18. Occupational Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability, Christopher T. Ray, Robert J. Gatchel, Ryan Hulla, & Ann Wright Stowell19. Recurrent Headache Disorders, Todd A. Smitherman, Alexander J. Kuka, Dawn C. Buse, & Donald B. Penzien20. Treatment of Patients with Fi
omyalgia, Dennis C. Turk21. Treatment of Patients with Whiplash Associated Disorders, Michelle Sterling22. Treatment of Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders, Angela Liegey Dougall, Lynette Watts, & Robert J. Gatchel23. Treating the Patient with Genito-Pelvic Pain, Sophie Bergeron, Natalie O. Rosen, & Serena Corsini-Munt24. Treating Patients with Functional Gastrointestinal Pain Disorders, Miranda A. L. van Tilburg & William E. Whitehead25. Treating Cancer Patients with Persistent Pain, Chelsea Ratcliff & Diane Novy26. Treating Patients with Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders, Don McGeary, Cindy McGeary, & Paul Nabity27. Treating Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain, Laurie D. Wolf & John D. Otis28. Management of Chronic Pain in Patients with Comorbid Substance Use Disorder, Benjamin J. Morasco, Travis I. Lovejoy, & Mark A. Ilgen29. Treating Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain, Emma Fisher, Rachel Aaron, & Tonya M. Palermo30. Treating Older Patients with Persistent Pain, Thomas Hadjistavropoulos