Making Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work: Clinical Process F

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"What should I do when a client asks me personal questions?" "How do my client's multiple problems fit together, and which ones should we focus on in treatment?" This engaging text--now revised and updated--has helped tens of thousands of students and novice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) practitioners build skills and confidence for real-world clinical practice. Hands-on guidance is provided for developing strong therapeutic relationships and navigating each stage of treatment; vivid case material illustrates what CBT looks like in action. Aided by sample dialogues, questions to ask, and helpful checklists, readers learn how to conduct assessments, create strong case conceptualizations, deliver carefully planned interventions, comply with record-keeping requirements, and overcome frequently encountered challenges all along the way.New to This Edition*Chapter with advice on new CBT practitioners' most common anxieties.*All-new case examples, now with a more complex extended case that runs throughout the book.*Chapter on working with special populations (culturally diverse clients, children and families).*Special attention to clinical and ethical implications of new technologies and social media.*Updated throughout to reflect current research and the authors' ongoing clinical and teaching experience.

Table of Contents
Prologue: Common Challenges for New Clinicians1. The Process of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy2. Initial Interactions with Clients3. The Process of Assessment4. Conceptualizing the Case and Planning Treatment5. The Bridge from Assessment to Treatment6. The First Few Sessions of CBT: Goals and Challenges7. The Course of CBT: Goals and Challenges8. Terminating Therapy: Goals and Challenges9. Doing CBT with Special Populations10. The Process of Supervision: Goals and Challenges11. Revisiting the Common ChallengesAppendix A. Recommended Readings in CBTAppendix B. Further Reading on Special Topics in CBTAppendix C. Treatment Manuals and Client WorkbooksAppendix D. Useful Information for Cognitive-Behavioral TherapistsReferencesIndex