Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Suicide Prevention

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Author Bryan, Craig J
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An innovative treatment approach with a strong empirical evidence base,
ief cognitive-behavioral therapy for suicide prevention (BCBT) is presented in step-by-step detail in this authoritative manual. Leading treatment developers show how to establish a strong collaborative relationship with a suicidal patient, assess risk, and immediately work to establish safety. Proven interventions are described for building emotion regulation and crisis management skills and dismantling the patient's suicidal belief system. The book includes case examples, sample dialogues, and 17 reproducible handouts, forms, scripts, and other clinical tools. The large-size format facilitates photocopying; purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

Table of Contents
I. Background and Conceptual Foundation1. Why Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Prevent Suicide?2. Conceptualizing Suicide: The Suicidal Mode3. Core Principles of Treatment with Suicidal Patients4. Suicide Risk Assessment and Its Documentation5. Monitoring Treatment Progress6. An Overview of Brief Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyII. The First Session7. Describing the Structure of Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy8. Narrative Assessment9. Treatment Log and Case Conceptualization10. Crisis Response PlanIII. Phase One: Emotion Regulation and Crisis Management11. Treatment Planning and Commitment to Treatment Statement12. Means Safety Counseling and Crisis Support Plan13. Targeting Sleep Disturbance14. Relaxation and Mindfulness Skills Training15. Reasons for Living List and Survival KitIV. Phase Two: Undermining the Suicidal Belief System16. ABC Worksheets17. Challenging Questions Worksheets18. Patterns of Problematic Thinking Worksheets19. Activity Planning and Coping CardsV. Phase III: Relapse Prevention20. Relapse Prevention Task and Ending TreatmentAppendix A. Patient Forms and HandoutsA1. The Suicidal ModeA2. Patient Information Sheet about Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) to Prevent Suicide AttemptsA3. Treatment Plan TemplateA4. Commitment to Treatment StatementA5. Means Safety PlanA6. Crisis Support PlanA7. Improving Your Sleep HandoutA8. ABC WorksheetA9. Challenging Questions WorksheetA10. Patterns of Problematic Thinking WorksheetAppendix B. Clinician ToolsB1. Fidelity ChecklistsB2. Suicide Risk Assessment Documentation TemplateB3. Crisis Response Plan TemplateB4. Possible Warning SignsB5. Common Self-Management StrategiesB6. Relaxation ScriptB7. Mindfulness Script