Treating Ocd In Children And Adolescents

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From foremost experts, this authoritative work offers a framework for helping children overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) using the proven techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).Therapists gain knowledge and tools to engage 6- to 18-year-olds and their parents and implement individualized CBT interventions, with a focus on exposure and response prevention. In a user-friendly, conversational style, the authors provide real-world clinical guidance illustrated with vivid case examples. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the volume's reproducible handouts in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. Building on the earlierOCD in Children and Adolescents: A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Manual(by John March and Karen Mulle), this book reflects two decades of advances in the field; most of the content is completely new.

Table of Contents
I. What Do We Know about OCD?1. Clinical Presentation and Comorbidity2. Theoretical Underpinnings--Conceptual Models3. What Does the Empirical Literature Tell Us about Treatment?4. Being the Best Guide You Can BeII. Setting Up Treatment5. Psychoeducation for Patients and Families6. Hierarchy Development and Functional Analysis7. Involving Families in Treatment: A Developmentally Sensitive Approach8. Thinking about Thinking9. Response Prevention InstructionsIII. The Exposure Hierarchy10. Early Exposures11. Intermediate Exposures12. Summiting: Peak Exposures13. Relapse Prevention14. Boosters/FadingIV. Special Issues15. Specific Family Issues16. Partial Response and Nonresponse: What's a Therapist to Do?17. OCD Treatment and Engaging Schools, with David McConvilleAppendix. Reproducible Handouts