Art: A Visual History

Item Information
Item#: 9781465436610
Author Cumming, Robert
Cover Hardback

Art: A Visual Historyis the complete visual guide to Western art, now updated and repackaged in a themed slipcase.

How to tell Impressionism from Expressionism, a Degas from a Monet, early Medieval art from early Christian?Art: A Visual Historyexplains it all — painting, sculpture, great artists, styles, and schools — and will help you answer the question, \"What makes great art?\"

Art: A Visual Historyincludes:

• More than 650 artists and all the major schools and movements, all arranged chronologically.
• Close-up focus on 22 masterpieces, from Ancient Greek sculpture to 1960s Pop Art.
• Well-known icons along with lesser-known gems — carefully chosen to illuminate the points made in the text.
• Features on major schools and movements to explore and explain their stylistic trademarks, characteristics, and favored subjects.

Art: A Visual Historyis a knowledgeable, thought-provoking, and accessible tour of the creators of Western art.