Management Starts With You: Gain Confidence & Success...

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Author Hester, Alan
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Management Starts With Youis a wise, honest and practical guide to success in this challenging but fascinating role.Among many powerful insights we learn that:. Before we can successfully manage others we first need to manage ourselves.<
>- Most of us do not naturally know how to manage, but we can learn.<
>- Life as a manager is easier when we stop thinking about the effect of our actions on ourselves and think instead about their effect on others.<
>- People don't want to be managed, but they absolutely need the security of being led.<
>- Being respected is much more important than being liked!<
>- Traditional time management techniques don't work for managers, so we need to rethink our approach to this most precious of all resources.<
>- What we focus on we get more of; so we need to focus on the right things.