#newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, ... Nobody Else Will

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Item#: 9781476783413
Author Kilstein, Jamie & Kilkenny, Al
Cover Paperback
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A “feisty, literate, and uncompromising” (Publishers Weekly) primer on the most urgent issues of our day, from the creators and co-hosts ofCitizen Radio, a listener-supported show whose slogan is “independent radio that won’t lead you to war.”#Newsfailis definitely not your grandmother’s comedic-memoir-slash-political-manifesto. From page one (in a preface titled, “In Which the Authors Interview Ralph Nader in the Bathtub”), comedian Jamie Kilstein and journalist Allison Kilkenny pledge to give you the news like you’ve never gotten it before.On issues ranging from feminism to gun control, climate change to class war, foreign policy to net neutrality, they tell you how the mainstream media gets it left, right, and utterly, unforgivably, irresponsibly wrong—think Noam Chomsky as channeled by Fred and Carrie fromPortlandia.#Newsfailis all this, plus the story of Allison and Jamie’s own DIY foray into independent media via their podcast,Citizen Radio, which has featured guests such as Jeremy Scahill, Sarah Silverman, Glenn Greenwald, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, and been downloaded millions of times by people all over the world.In#Newsfail, they “make a strong case that a greater range of voices needs to be part of the national media discussion, including theirs” (Kirkus Reviews). Their mission is truth-telling above
ainwashing. All you have to do is listen.