Passing Ceremony

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Item#: 9781487002602
Author Weinzweig, Helen
Cover Paperback
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In this brilliant debut novel by Helen Weinzweig, the award-winning author ofBasic Black With Pearls, a wedding reception becomes a gothic dream in which the bride, groom, family, and guests struggle with private obsessions, guilty fantasies of sex and power, and the constant failure of love. The bride is not all she seems and there is something ambiguous about the groom - and about everyone else at the surreal and strangely moving wedding.Like a piece of music,Passing Ceremonyis composed of brief, suggestive fragments that grow into a tightly integrated whole. There are bits of real and imagined conversation; polite dialogues that slide into mad comic banality; and scenes that could be quiet nightmares out of Borges.A satire and a rueful mediation on the ways people hurt one another, Weinzweig gives us a world suspended in time, an uneasy territory of the soul, which we all inhabit.This edition features a new introduction by Jim Polk.

Short Description
Featuring a new introduction by Jim Polk, the debut novel from one of the first feminist writers in Canada is now available in a fresh A List edition to coincide with Anansi's 50th anniversary.