Bush Garden: Essays On The Canadian Imagination

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Author Frye, Northrop
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"Any publication by Northrop Frye is an important literary event; this one is of the highest importance to Canadian literature." -Globe and MailOriginally published by Anansi in 1971,The Bush Gardenfeatures Northrop Frye's timeless essays on Canadian literature and painting.In this cogent collection of essays written between 1943 and 1969, formidable literary critic and theorist Northrop Frye explores the Canadian imagination through the lens of the country's artistic output: prose, poetry, and paintings. In the collection, Frye offers insightful commentary on the works that shaped a "Canadian sensibility," and includes a comprehensive survey of the landscape of Canadian poetry throughout the 1950s, including astute criticism of the work of E. J. Pratt, Robert Service, Irving Layton, and many others.Written with clarity and precision, The Bush Garden is a significant cache of literary criticism that traces a pivotal moment in the country's cultural history, and the evolution of Frye's thinking at various stages of his career. These essays are evidence of Frye's
illiance, and cemented his reputation as Canada's - and the world's - foremost literary critic.

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Originally published by Anansi in 1971, this attractive A List edition features Northrop Frye's timeless essays on literature and painting along with a new introduction by cele
ated Canadian author Lisa Moore.