Residential Schools & Reconciliation: Canada Confronts...

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Since the 1980s successive Canadian institutions, including the federal government and Christian churches, have attempted to grapple with the malignant legacy of residential schooling, including official apologies, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). InResidential Schools and Reconciliation, award winning author J. R. Miller tackles and explains these institutional responses to Canada’s residential school legacy. Analysing archival material and interviews with former students, politicians, bureaucrats, church officials, and the Chief Commissioner of the TRC, Miller reveals a major obstacle to achieving reconciliation – the inability of Canadians at large to overcome their flawed, overly positive understanding of their country’s history. This unique, timely, and provocative work asks Canadians to accept that the root of the problem was Canadians like them in the past who acquiesced to aggressively assimilative policies.

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Residential Schools and Reconciliationis a unique, timely, and provocative work that tackles and explains the institutional responses to Canada’s residential school legacy.

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Introduction: ‘We did not hear you’Part One: Exposing the ProblemChapter 1: The Churches ApologizeChapter 2: The State InvestigatesChapter 3: The Government RespondsPart Two: Finding a SolutionChapter 4: The Bench AdjudicatesChapter 5: The Parties NegotiateChapter 6: The Parties Implement the Settlement AgreementPart Three: Redress and ReconciliaitonChapter 7: Truth, and ReconciliationChapter 8: The Truth and Reconciliation CommissionChapter 9: ConclusionBibliographyIllustrations