Acsm's Complete Guide To Fitness & Health

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Author Bushman, Barbara
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Here is the ultimate resource for maximizing your exercise and nutrition efforts. In this new edition ofACSM's Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, you have an authoritative reference that allows you to apply research-based guidance to your unique health and fitness needs. With a focus across the life span, this resource shows you how to pursue optimal health and fitness now and throughout the years to come. The American College of Sports Medicine, the largest and most respected sport science and medicine organization in the world, has created this book to bridge the gap between science and the practice of making personal lifestyle choices that promote health. This new edition contains age-specific advice within the framework of the latest research, thus helping you to avoid the lure of fads, unfounded myths, and misinformation.You will learn these strategies:• Incorporate the latest guidelines for physical activity and nutrition into your daily routine to improve your fitness and overall health.• Optimize your weight and increase strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness, and functional fitness.• Improve health and manage conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, osteoporosis, arthritis, pregnancy, and Alzheimer’s disease through exercise and nutrition.• Monitor, evaluate, and tailor your exercise program for optimal results.Featuring step-by-step instructions and full-color photos for the most effective exercises, sample workouts, practical advice, age-specific physical activity and dietary guidelines, and strategies for incorporating exercise and healthy nutrition choices into even the busiest of lifestyles,ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Healthis a resource that belongs in every fitness enthusiast’s library.

Short Description
ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, Second Edition, offers the most current exercise and nutrition guidelines along with assessments, exercises, activities, and programs for varying ages, special conditions, and fitness goals. Authoritative and comprehensive, it makes adding, enhancing, or customizing a fitness and health routine safe and effective.

Table of Contents
Part I Fit, Active, and Healthy Chapter 1 Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Physical Activity and NutritionBarbara A. BushmanChapter 2 Embracing Physical Activity: A Complete Exercise ProgramBarbara A. BushmanChapter 3 Balancing Nutrition: Recommended Dietary GuidelinesStella Lucia Volpe and Joseph R. StanzioneChapter 4 Promoting Healthy Habits: Getting Started and Staying MotivatedBarbara A. BushmanPart II Exercise and Activity for Building a Better You Chapter 5 Improving Your Aerobic FitnessBarbara A. BushmanChapter 6 Enhancing Your Muscular FitnessAvery D. FaigenbaumChapter 7 Increasing Your FlexibilityJan Schroeder and Michelle Kulovitz AlencarChapter 8 Sharpening Your Functional FitnessNicholas H. EvansPart III Fitness and Health for Every Age Chapter 9 Children and Adolescents: Birth to Age 17Don W. MorganChapter 10 Adults: Ages 18 to 64Barbara A. BushmanChapter 11 Older Adults: Ages 65 and OlderRobert S. MazzeoPart IV Fitness and Health for Every Body Chapter 12 Cardiovascular HealthShannon Lennon-Edwards and William B. FarquharChapter 13 DiabetesSheri R. ColbergChapter 14 CancerKathryn H. SchmitzChapter 15 Alzheimer’s DiseaseBrad A. Roy and Linda FredenbergChapter 16 Osteoporosis and Bone HealthKara A. Witzke and Kerri M. Winters-StoneChapter 17 Arthritis and Joint HealthA. Lynn MillarChapter 18 Weight ManagementLaura J. KruskallChapter 19 Pregnancy and PostpartumLanay M. Mudd and Jean M. KerverChapter 20 DepressionHeather Chambliss and Tracy L. Greer