Modern Art Of High Intensity Training

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Author Broussal-Derval & Ganneau
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A book on high intensity training should deliver an impact equal to the training itself. Lucky for you, this one does.The Modern Art of High Intensity Trainingis sport and strength, movement and passion. It is a guide like no other. From the stunning artwork to the 127 workouts, it’s designed to be a difference maker. Whether you use this resource as a supplement to an existing training program, or replace a program that has become tired and stale, you’ll view and use this book time and time again.See high intensity training in an entirely new light. You’ll find 40 exercises, each detailed and depicted with art, photos, and modifications; 127 workouts and circuits to mix things up; warm-up, safety, and injury prevention recommendations; and—if you’re up to the challenge—an original 15-week program.The Modern Art of High Intensity Traininghas everything you need and want in a workout program. Change, variety, inspiration, motivation, challenge, and results—it’s rendered and written and delivered to you on every page. So now is the time. Make an impact.

Short Description
Featuring 40 exercises, 127 workouts, and a full 15-week program,The Modern Art of High Intensity Trainingoffers a visually stunning presentation of all things high intensity. Along with covering the five principles of high intensity training, its eye-catching illustrations convey the strength, power, and beauty of the movements.

Table of Contents
Why You Need a Program to Be Successful Using Training Fundamentals as a Starting Point Principle 1: ProgressionPrinciple 2: ContinuityPrinciple 3: VarietyPrinciple 4: NonlinearityPrinciple 5: Load and RecoveryWhat You Should Know About Physiology The Energy ContinuumQuick, Energy!Lactate Is at the Heart of Energy ProductionWhat About Recovery?Adjusting the IntensityUsing Time Under Tension to Adjust the LoadThings That Interfere With Training Rule 1: Prioritize the WorkRule 2: Work Out in the Right OrderRule 3: Avoid Bad CombinationsCombinations That WorkHow to Use This Book The Warm-Up Basic Warm-Up RemindersHow to Plan a Warm-UpPrinciples to Keep in MindEssential Parts of the Warm-Up (1) General Warm-Up(2) Auxiliary Warm-Up(3) Specific Warm-UpSpecific High Intensity Training RoutinesTechnical Foundation Foundational ExercisesClean and JerkClean Workout—CleansJerk Workout—JerksWorkout—Clean and JerksSandbag Clean Workout—SandbagsTire Clean Workout—Tire CleansSnatch Workout—SnatchesKettlebell Variations Workout—Kettlebell SnatchesWorkout—Kettlebell CleansBent-Over Row Workout—Bent-Over RowsBasic Athletic ExercisesSquatDifferent Types of Squats Anatomy Reminders How Far Should You Go Down in a Squat? Squat Mythology Range of Motion and Performance Squat Technique Workout—SquatsFront Squat Workout—Front SquatsOverhead Squat Workout—Overhead SquatsThruster Workout—ThrustersOne-Legged (Bulgarian Split) Squat Workout—One-Legged SquatsPistol Squat (Air Squat on One Leg) Workout—Pistol SquatsWorkout—Mixed SquatsLandmine Squat Landmine Obliques Workouts—Landmine SquatsBench Press Workout—Bench PressesBench Press With Dumbbells or Kettlebells Workout—Bench Presses With Dumbbells or KettlebellsDeadlift Workout—DeadliftsKettlebell Swing Workout—Kettlebell SwingsArabesque Workout—ArabesquesStraight-Leg Deadlift Workout—Straight-Leg DeadliftsSumo Deadlift Workout—Sumo DeadliftsLunge Workout—LungesBodyweight ExercisesFoundation for Pull-UpsWorkout—Pull-UpsArcher Pull-Up Workout—Archer Pull-UpsOpen-Hand (Clapping) Pull-Up Workout—Clapping Pull-UpsWorkout—Pull-UpsRope Climbing Workout—RopesPush-Up Workout—Push-UpsRenegades Workout—RenegadesBurpee Workout—BurpeesClapping Push-Up Workout—Clapping Push-UpsExplosive Push-UpDouble Knee Tuck Push-Up Aztec Push-Up Superman Push-Up Workout—Explosive Push-UpsBattle RopesWorkout—Battle RopesDips Workout—DipsCore ExercisesV-Up Workout—V-UpsToes to Bar Workout—Toes to BarsTurkish Get-Up Workout—Turkish Get-UpsBarbell Ab Rollout Workout—Barbell Ab RolloutsRunningRunning Techniques A Total-Body Approach to Running Mechanics Parameters of RunningMechanics of Stride AdaptationWorkout—RunningThe 15-Week Modern Art ProgramPhase 1—Fundamentals Phase 2—Structural Development Phase 3—Intensify Phase 4—Optimize