New Power Eating: More Muscle More Energy Less Fat

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Author Kleiner, Susan
Cover Paperback

Transform your body as you build muscle, lose fat, and maximize performance withThe New Power Eating. Author Susan Kleiner delivers the proven strategies she’s used with male and female professional athletes and Olympians in one practical, effective resource that gives you the know-how to reach your personal goals.

InThe New Power Eating, Kleiner brings together the latest scientific research on nutrition planning and explains not just what to eat but also when and how to adjust eating plans for your body and specific energy needs. Whether it’s a heavy or light training day, in peak season or off-season, you’ll learn how to achieve your physique and performance goals safely, legally, and effectively.

New recipes pack a nutritional punch into every meal or snack, and sample meal plans for each meal of the day help you easily put it all together—you’ll even find a food group template to help you customize your own menus. Plus, updated details on safe supplements guide you through the maze of marketing claims to help you select the best options in view of the scientific evidence. Dr. Kleiner also walks you through how she evaluates products and brands based on testing for purity, potency, digestibility, and absorption.

Based on the author’s research, you’ll also find fascinating facts that explain how your relationship with food and the gut-to-brain axis can affect your physical and emotional health and performance. Both males and females will discover gender-specific guidance and strategies to help you take advantage of your body’s benefits and overcome unhealthy triggers or habits to create and maintain an effective power eating program.

IncorporateThe New Power Eatinginto your training and find out what thousands of athletes already know:The New Power Eatingis more than a book. It’s your path to power excellence.

CE exam available!For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. TheNew Power Eating Online CE Exammay be purchased separately or as part ofThe New Power Eating With CE Exam, a package that includes both the book and the exam.

Short Description

The New Power Eatingdelivers a science-based nutrition plan that explains what to eat and when and how to customize your diet for your physique, performance, and energy needs. This is the authoritative guide for adding muscle and cutting fat.

Table of Contents

Part I. Foundation

Chapter 1.Eating for Strength, Power, and Speed

Chapter 2.Manufacturing Muscle

Chapter 3.Fueling Workouts

Chapter 4.Managing Fat

Chapter 5.Burning Fat

Chapter 6.Hydrating for Heavy-Duty Workouts

Chapter 7.Fueling the Female Athlete

Chapter 8.Tapping Into Brain Power

Part II. Supplements

Chapter 9.Vitamins and Minerals for Strength Trainers

Chapter 10.Muscle-Building Products

Chapter 11.Products for Boosting the Brain and Nervous System

Chapter 12.Botanicals for Performance

Part III. Plans and Menus

Chapter 13.Developing a Power Eating Plan

Chapter 14.Planning a Peak

Chapter 15.Maintaining Physique Menu Plans

Chapter 16.Building Muscle Menu Plans

Chapter 17.Cross-Training Menu Plans

Chapter 18.Fat-Loss Menu Plans

Chapter 19.Getting Cut Menu Plans

Chapter 20.Power Eating Recipes

Appendix A.Three- to Seven-Day Food Record

Appendix B.Restaurant Guide and Healthy Fast Food