On The Shoulders Of Medicine's Giants: What Today's...

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Item#: 9781493913343
Edition 01
Author Taylor, Robert B
Cover Hardback

Medical history offers us many wise thoughts, a few misguided notions, and a host of intriguing back-stories.On the Shoulders of Medicine's Giantspresents a selection of these, and tells how the words of medicine's "giants"-such as Hippocrates, Sir William Osler, Francis Weld Peabody, and Elizabeth Kübler-Ross-are relevant to medical science and practice in the 21stcentury.

Which physician was the inspiration for the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, and what did he identify as "the real essential factor in all successful medical diagnosis"? What did Sigmund Freud describe as his "tyrant," and what might this mean for doctors today? Do you know the attributed source of the well-known aphorism about horses and zebras, and what we believe this physician actually said? This book answers these questions and more, while also providing fascinating tales about each individual quoted.

On the Shoulders of Medicine's Giantsis recommended for practicing physicians, students, and residents, as well as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and anyone involved in patient care who wants to understand the historical and epistemological foundations of what we do each day in practice.

To see Dr. Taylor lecture on the history of medicine, go here: https://youtu.be/Zx4yaUyaPRA

Table of Contents

The Profession and Professionalism.- Being a Physician.- The Art and Science of Doctoring.- Health, Disease, Illness, and Death.- Disease Detection and Diagnosis.- Therapy and Healing.- Learning and Teaching Medicine.- Medical Experience, Knowledge, and Wisdom.- Errors, Uncertainty, and Ethical Issues.- Current Issues and Future Practice.