Epilepsy Board Review: A Comprehensive Guide

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This concise text mirrors the content of the Epilepsy Board as distributed by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Epilepsy diagnosis, classification and treatment are thoroughly covered, along with seizure classification, epidemiology, normal and abnormal EEG, and treatment with antiepileptic medications and other modalities. Formatted with multiple choice questions and explanations, this complete resource will prepare physicians and students for the Epilepsy Board examination and provide the latest clinical approaches.<

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Physiologic Basis of EEG and Epilepsy Ch. 2: EEG instrumentation, Montage, Polarity, and Localization Ch. 3: Normal EEG Variants and Artifacts Ch. 4: Neonatal EEG and Neonatal Seizures Ch. 5: MCQ Ch. 6: Ictal and Interictal EEG Ch. 7: EEG and Semiology in Generalized Epilepsies Ch. 8: EEG and Semiology in Focal Epilepsy Ch. 9: Status Epilepticus Ch. 10: EEG in Encephalopathy and Coma Ch. 11: MCQ Ch. 12: Electro-clinical Syndromes by Age of Onset - Childhood, Adolescence-adult Ch. 13: Seizures and Epilepsy in Early Life Ch. 14: Imitators of Epilepsy Ch. 15: Genetic Analysis of Epilepsies Ch. 16: Epilepsy Secondary to Specific Mechanisms