When History Is Personal

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Author Schwartz, Mimi
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When History Is Personalcontains the stories of twenty-five moments in Mimi Schwartz's life, each heightened by its connection to historical, political, and social issues. These essays look both inward and outward so that these individualized tales tell a larger story—of assimilation, the women's movement, racism, anti-Semitism, end-of-life issues, ethics in writing, digital and corporate challenges, and courtroom justice.A shrewd and discerning storyteller, Schwartz captures history from her vantage as a child of German-Jewish immigrants, a wife of over fifty years, a
east cancer survivor, a working mother, a traveler, a tennis player, a daughter, and a widow. In adding her personal story to the larger narrative of history, culture, and politics, Schwartz invites readers to consider her personal take alongside “official histories and offers readers fresh assessments of our collective past.

Table of Contents
List of IllustrationsPrefacePart 1. Family HauntsMy Father Always SaidThe Coronation of BobbyLove in a HandbagWhen to Forget“It's Just Like BenheimPart 2. In and Out My Front DoorFirst Thanksgiving, 1962Off the King's HighwayA Trunk of SurpriseWhat's a Rally to Do?Close CallAt the Johnson Hair SalonEcho across the RoadPart 3. StoryscapesStory on a Winter BeachGo Away, BearWriting with CarlyMy Z ManWho Will I Be in Your Story?In the Land of Double NarrativePart 4. Border CrossingsAd In, Ad OutOn Stage and OffLessons from a Last DayLyrics and the Way We LoveA Vine of RosesFix-It FantasyHow the Light Gets InAcknowledgmentsSource Acknowledgments