Canadaland Guide To Canada (Published In America)

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Author Brown, Jesse
Cover Hardback
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Do you think of Canada as that “nice country with free health care, majestic woodlands, and polite people?Think again.The CANADALAND Guide to Canada (Published in America)is an outrageous exposé of Canada's secrets, scandals, and occasional awkward lapses in proper etiquette.Inside, you'll find illustrations, maps, quizzes, and charts that answer the most pressing questions about Canadian history, politics, and culture, such as:-Canadian cuisine and sexuality: Do they exist?-What does “sorry actually mean?-Justin Bieber, Rob Ford, Malcolm Gladwell: Why?-What is Québec?-Should I f*** the prime minister?This absurd guide digs up everything from buried rage to buried oil, uncovering Canada's bizarre history and shocking present. One thing is certain: you'll never look at a Canadian the same way again.