Great Regression

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Author Geiselberger, Heinrich (Ed)
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We are living through a period of dramatic political change & Brexit, the election of Trump, the rise of extreme right movements in Europe and elsewhere, the resurgence of nationalism and xenophobia and a concerted assault on the liberal values and ideals associated with cosmopolitanism and globalization. Suddenly we find ourselves in a world that few would have imagined possible just a few years ago, a world that seems to many to be a move backwards. How can we make sense of these dramatic developments and how should we respond to them? Are we witnessing a worldwide rejection of liberal democracy and its replacement by some kind of populist authoritarianism?<
/>This timely volume
ings together some of the world's greatest minds to analyse and seek to understand the forces behind this 'great regression'. Writers from across disciplines and countries, including Paul Mason, Pankaj Mishra, Slavoj Zizek, Zygmunt Bauman, Arjun Appadurai, Wolfgang Streeck and Eva Illouz, grapple with our current predicament, framing it in a
oader historical context, discussing possible future trajectories and considering ways that we might combat this reactionary turn.<
/>The Great Regressionis a key intervention that will be of great value to all those concerned about recent developments and wondering how best to respond to this unprecedented challenge to the very core of liberal democracy and internationalism across the world today.<
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Table of Contents
List of Contributors<
/>Heinrich Geiselberger<
/>1. Democracy Fatigue<
/>Arjun Appadurai<
/>2. Symptoms in Search of an Object and a Name<
/>Zygmunt Bauman<
/>3. Progressive and Regressive Politics in Late Neoliberalism<
/>Donatella della Porta<
/>4. Progressive Neoliberalism versus Reactionary Populism: A Hobsons Choice<
/>Nancy Fraser<
/>5. Populism or the Crisis of Liberal Elites: The Case of Israel<
/>Eva Illouz<
/>6. Majoritarian Futures<
/>Ivan Krastev<
/>7. Europe as refuge<
/>Bruno Latour<
/>8. Overcoming the Fear of Freedom<
/>Paul Mason<
/>9. Politics in the Age of Resentment. The Dark Legacy of the Enlightenment<
/>Pankaj Mishra<
/>10. The Courage to be Audacious<
/>Robert Misik<
/>11. Decivilisation. On regressive tendencies in Western democracies<
/>Oliver Nachtwey<
/>12. From Global Regression to Post-Capitalist Counter-Movements<
/>César Rendueles<
/>13. The Return of the Repressed as the Beginning of the End of Neoliberal Capitalism<
/>Wolfgang Streeck<
/>14. Dear President Juncker<
/>David Van Rey
/>15. The Populist Temptation<
/>Slavoj Zizek