Make It, Don't Fake It: Leading With Authenticity For...

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Item#: 9781523091492
Author Horn, Sabrina
Cover Paperback

Faking it until you make it doesn't work--at least not long enough to build a sustainable business. This book by a CEO and public relations expert combats imposter syndrome and expands on the need for authentic leadership.

While self-doubt, sometimes called "imposter syndrome," is all too real for many aspiring leaders, especially women, there's a difference between "faking" confidence and running a con game. Elizabeth Holmes and Billy McFarland thrived on faking it for a while, but their businesses were all aspiration, no foundation, and so collapsed disastrously. It is high time to revisit the core of leadership and consider what it takes to be an authentic, reality-based leader and reap the benefits of integrity.

With more than thirty years of experience running her own PR firm in Silicon Valley, award-winning CEO Sabrina Horn shows business leaders how to attend to the fundamentals and gain the clarity of thought necessary to make the right business decisions. She delivers real, workable strategies and best practices illustrated with frank firsthand accounts of painful lessons. Horn's fake-free advice will empower business leaders and managers to disarm fear and organize risk, build lasting partnerships, manage setbacks or avoid them altogether, plan for the unexpected, and create a company culture designed for lasting authenticity and long-term, sustainable growth.