Launch Your Career: How Any Student Can Create...

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Item#: 9781523092680
Author O'keefe, Et Al.
Cover Paperback

Expert career coach Sean O'Keefe shows how students can get their dream job right out of college by building their own professional network from scratch.

Students typically spend over 90 percent of their job search efforts applying to positions on online job boards, but their success rate is only 3 to 5 percent. Launch Your Career teaches students how to beat the odds by building a network of professional contacts they can leverage for internships and jobs, just as O'Keefe did as an undergraduate with a mediocre resume.

O'Keefe says students have an advantage: professionals like to talk to young people who are just starting out because they remember being in the same situation. He walks students through his 8 step process: Discernment, Strategic Research, Personal Brand-Building, Outreach, Preparation, Advanced Preparation, Effective Followup, and Acing the Job Interview. The book includes access to an online Career Launch Readiness Assessment, so students can evaluate their strengths in five key areas: Discernment, Personal Branding, Networking, Job Search, and Professional Growth. Featuring stories of students who landed jobs or internships at companies like LinkedIn, Tesla, Google, Wells Fargo, and General Motors, this book is an invaluable resource for students, and for colleges looking to increase the ROI of their career counseling efforts.