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Author Nuzum, Eric
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\"An interestingly idiosyncratic and personal vision of how to make podcasts.\"-Ira Glass

Veteran podcast creator and strategist Eric Nuzum distills a career&s worth of wisdom, advice, practical information, and big-picture thinking to help podcasters \"make noise\"-to stand out in this fastest of fastest-growing media universes.

Nuzum identifies core principles, including what he considers the key to successful audio storytelling:learning to think the way your audience listens. He delivers essential how-tos, from conducting an effective interview to marketing your podcast, developing your audience, and managing a creative team. He also taps into his deep network to offer advice from audio stars like Ira Glass, Terry Gross, and Anna Sale.

The book&s insights and guidance will help readers successfully express themselves as effective audio storytellers, whether for business or pleasure, or a mixture of both.

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The ultimate guide to podcasting, the fastest growing media platform in the world. A step beyond practial how-to information on podcast production or building a business,Make Noiseaddresses the art of podcasting, what works and doesn't for successful storytelling on audio, from a true expert in the medium.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 • Story. Character. Voice.
Chapter 2 • The Only Ten Words That Matter
Chapter 3 • Function and Form
Chapter 4 • The Myths of Podcasting
Chapter 5 • Asking Questions
Chapter 6 • How to Tell a Story aka Don&t Be Boring
Chapter 7 • The History of Podcasting
Chapter 8 • Leading Creative Teams
Chapter 9 • Audience Building
Chapter 10 • Time to Go Forward
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