Crazy Plant Lady

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Item#: 9781523505371
Author Serna, Isabel
Cover Hardback
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There&s the trend: "Plants have exploded in popularity," notes Apartment Therapy. And declares: "Millennials are obsessed with houseplants," while the hashtags #crazyplantlady, #iloveplants, and #plantlife have more than 2 million tags on Instagram combined.And then there&s the joy: For the plant-obsessed woman of any age, this little illustrated book cele
ates the delightfully quirky habits that accompany botanical passion, even addiction. Like seeing every bare surface as a reason to buy a new succulent, fern, or pileum. Or, when planning a fabulous vacation, wondering:But who will water my plants?Throughout there are humorous quotes: "I don&t need therapy, I talk to my plants." Sweet puns: "Aloe you vera much." A quiz: Are you a good plant mom? Plus, the telltale signs that you&re a crazy plant lady: Even your office is a houseplant jungle.Author-illustrator Isabel Serna&s charming art is as
ight and vi
ant as the pops of color that plants
ing to your home, her text clearly inspired by being a crazy plant lady herself-put it together, and here is a perfect present for housewarmings and a great add-on to a gift of a potted plant or ceramic planter.

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A gift that cele
ates the self-declared crazy plant lady, her green thumb, and her passion for her succulents, houseplants, and other "plant babies" with fun quotes, plant puns, and charming illustrations.