My Perfectly Imperfect Life:127 Exercises For...

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Item#: 9781523506361
Author Van Der Hulst
Cover Paperback

Embrace the things that make youyou.

From the bestselling editors atFlowmagazine comes a guided journal with a welcoming, come-as-you-are message: Embrace the things that make youyou, flaws and all. Charmingly illustrated and filled with activities and exercises,My Perfectly Imperfect Lifeinspires readers to let go of the pressure to be perfect and to celebrate quirks, slipups and imperfections rather than judge them.

Here are prompts for easing up on self-criticism. For slowing down, and worrying less about accomplishments. For keeping a sense of perspective-even a playful one-when things don&t go as planned. It&s a thoughtful gift and an inspiring counterpoint to the too-perfectly-curated, omnipresent Instagram lifestyle.

Short Description
This fill-in, guided mindfulness workbook from the editors ofFlowengages readers in embracing their imperfections. Prompts, quotes, and questions (and a sheet of stickers) encourage reflection, self-appreciation, and acceptance of the way things play out.

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: My Perfectly Imperfect work
Chapter 2: My Perfectly Imperfect home
Chapter 3: My Perfectly Imperfect family
Chapter 4: My Perfectly Imperfect friends
Chapter 5: My Perfectly Imperfect adventures
Chapter 6: My Perfectly Imperfect creativity
Chapter 7: My Perfectly Imperfect body
Chapter 8: My Perfectly Imperfect self