Younger Next Year For Women: Live Strong, Fit, Sexy And...

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Item#: 9781523507931
Edition 02
Author Crowley Et Al
Cover Paperback

Smart women don&t grow older. They grow younger.

A book of hope,Younger Next Year for Womenshows you how to become functionally younger for the next five to ten years, and continue to live thereafter with newfound vitality. Learn how theYounger Next Yearplan of following \"Harry&s Rules\"-a program of exercise, diet, and maintaining emotional connections-will not only help you turn back your physical biological clock, but will improve memory, cognition, mood, and more. In two new chapters, prominent neurologist Allan Hamilton explains how the program directly affects your brain-all the way down to the cellular level-while Chris Crowley, in his inimitable voice, gives the personal side of the story. In other words, how to live brilliantly for the three decades or more after menopause. The results will be amazing.

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The bestselling, breakthrough book on reversing the aging process for women, updated for its 15th anniversary to include important information about how theYounger Next Yearrules affect the brain as well as the body. Yes, youcanbe functionally younger year after year, by following Harry and Chris's rules for exercise, eating, and connection.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gail Sheehy



Chapter One: The Next Forty Years

Chapter Two: Lunch with Captain Midnight

Chapter Three: The New Science of Aging

Chapter Four: Swimming Against the Tide

Chapter Five: The Biology of Growth and Decay:

Chapter Six: Life Is an Endurance Event: Train for It

Chapter Seven: The Biology of Exercise

Chapter Eight: The Heart of the Matter: Aerobics

Chapter Nine: The Kedging Trick

Chapter Ten: A World of Pain: Strength Training

Chapter Eleven: The Biology of Strength Training

Chapter Twelve: "So, How Do I Look?"

Chapter Thirteen: Chasing the Iron Bunny

Chapter Fourteen: Don&t You Lose a Goddamn Pound!

Chapter Fifteen: The Biology of Nutrition: Thinner Next Year

Chapter Sixteen: \"The Drink\"

Chapter Seventeen: Menopause: The Natural Transition


Chapter Eighteen: \"Teddy Doesn&t Care!\"

Chapter Nineteen: The Limbic Brain and the Biology of Emotion

Chapter Twenty: Connect and Commit

Chapter Twenty-One: New Chapter on Brain Health by Chris Crowley

Chapter Twenty-Two: New Chapter on Brain Health by Allan J. Hamilton MD

Chapter Twenty-Three: Relentless Optimism


Notes on Chapter Twenty-Two

Harry&s Rules

Author Notes