I Wonder

Item Information
Item#: 9781524714222
Author Holt, Kari Anne
Cover Hardback

Kids who love the intrigue of titles such asWhat Do You Do with an Idea?will be inspired to ask their own questions about the world around them.

In this unusual text, young listeners and readers follow a group of diverse kids trying to make sense of the world as they see it. Questions such asWhat do clouds taste like?,Do my toys miss me when I'm gone?,andI wonder if cars and trucks speak the same languageremind us of a child's unique point of view. Nothing is more powerful than seeing something for the first time, and these whimsical questions will encourage all readers to take a fresh look around them.
Exquisite artwork by rising star Kenard Pak follows the arc of a day, ending with a spread showing a group of children as different and varied as their questions.