Place You'll Never Be

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Item#: 9781550509199
Author Hillis, Rick
Cover Paperback
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Six Days. Five Inmates. One Guard. Traversing the vast, serene wilderness in Northern Saskatchewan as part of a "pre-release canoe trip", run as a pilot project in hopes of preparing five future ex-convicts for life in the real world, no one knows quite what to expect. But what follows in this novel is anything but serene. The rules dictating prison life are a hard habit to break as each inmate struggles with his own place in the group, and each one tries to figure out his first real-world steps after being released. Some ideas are more legal than others. By the end of day six, the men find themselves grappling with violence, mutiny, and a plot to harvest and sell drugs down the river, all of which echoes off the incessant buzzing that surrounds them as thousands of mysterious insects follow along in the forest, destroying anything they come across plants, animals, even humans...