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Quick and delicious delicacies for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Endlessly versatile, crepes are delicious anytime of the day - from early breakfast through to a late-night snack. These simple-to-make delicacies can be sauteed, rolled around all kinds of fillings, or served plain. Crepes includes everything needed to know for making the perfect crepe, from using the freshest eggs to choosing the right pan. Both simple and sophisticated, crepes can be eaten plain with lemon and sugar or maple syrup, or they can be filled with a host of delicious sweet or savory fillings. Crepes are easy to prepare using ingredients in the pantry, and they're also great for entertaining -- both sumptuous and impressive. Crepes has 40 mouth-watering recipes for every occasion, among them: Ham and Gruyere crepes Crepes suzette
Buckwheat crepes with caramelized figs, goat cheese and honey Savory Florentine layer Sweet cheese crepes with sour cherry compote Chocolate and banana crepe torte. From the traditional to the new and exotic, this handy little book offers crepe recipes sure to please everyone.