Plant Propagation A To Z: Growing Plants For Free

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Author Bryant, Geoff
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A handy and richly illustrated guide to all propagation techniques. Plant Propagation A to Z has more than 500 photographs that illustrate both practical step-by-step propagation techniques and the plants themselves. The book introduces propagation in general and then describes the tools and methods used. There are extensive tables detailing which techniques are best suited to more than 1,000 garden plants and noting the best times for propagating. The book also includes: Annotated step-by-step color diagrams Seed, cutting and division techniques Specialized propagation methods Temperature and moisture requirements Germination time and strike rate Guidance on specific techniques for each propagation procedure
Recommendations for choosing the best equipment. Easy-to-use and informative, Plant Propagation A to Z is an essential reference book and how-to guide for gardeners everywhere.

Short Description
Practical and illustrated by step-by-step techniques, this book covers all types of plant propagation: seeds, cuttings and division as well as layering, grafting and growing from spores. Extensive tables detail specifics for more than 1,000 garden plants.

Table of Contents
Introduction Part One: PLANT PROPAGATION What is plant propagation? Sexual reproduction and asexual (vegetative) propagation The miracle behind vegetative propagation Deciding which method to use Timing Propagation tools Working environment Equipment Hygiene Pest and disease control Pests Diseases Careful use of sprays Table 1: General propagation methods Growing from seed
Seed structure Obtaining seed Storing seed Germination and viability Starter mixes seed sowing Propagating from spores Table 2: Germination requirements Propagation by Division Rosettes, runners and offsets Herbaceous perennials Natural layering and aerial roots Suckers Rhizomes, tubers, corms and bulbs Table 3: Propagation by division Propagation by cuttings Stem cuttings Leaf cuttings Aftercare
Table 4: Propagation by cuttings Less common techniques Layering Grafting Budding Root cuttings Tissue culture Part Two: TECHNIQUES FOR SOME POPULAR GARDEN ORNAMENTALS A to Z listing of specific techniques for 500 garden ornamentals Glossay Index

Review Quotes
[5/5 starred review] You haven't really gardened until you've started a new plant from seed, root or cutting. This book shows you how, in straightforward language with detailed charts and how-to's. The best is at the end, where a big chapter lists more than 500 types of plants ... each with a photo and paragraph on propagation method.

This is a "how-to" book with information usually found only in technical writings. It is clearly written and be extremely useful.

Will take you to the next horticultural level... will introduce you to plants that you likely never heard of.

A handy guide to all propagation techniques... written in an accessible style... a practical step-by-step reference on the art of reproducing garden plants and should be a welcome addition to any gardening collection.

A good book for gardeners.

Step-by-step guide to advanced propagation techniques such as layering, grafting, budding and tissue culture.

Excellent introduction ... well-illustrated work ... Should inspire many a gardener to look at plant propagation as a means to keep gardening costs down, and to obtain plants in a garden that would normally not be available through some commercial outlets.

Excellent introduction to propagation.

Comprehensive ... Bryant's guide provides an essential and encyclopedic resource for the fiscally minded, or just creatively curious, gardener.

A real "how-to" book... the work of a lifetime... accessible to anyone who's interested in trying.

Takes the mystery out of plant propagation... clear and easy... a treasure for both those who want to learn to propagate and those who need to brush up.

Clearly outlines all aspects of plant propagation, from selecting the right tools to identifying which plants reproduce by seed, division, and cutting.

For quick reference, there is a very handy table of the plants from A to Z by Latin name, showing the preferred method and the hardiness zone.

Straightforward language with detailed charts and how-to's make it easy to use. Best of all is the big chapter listing more than 500 plants, each with a photo and paragraph on propagation methods.

You had me at the title, Geoff. Find all kinds of great tips for starting plants from seeds and cuttings, by division and less common techniques, like grafting. Extensive tables provide information about individual plants, including the best ways to start them and tips for success, like which seeds should be soaked or nicked first. Plant Propagation A to Z is a great reference for anyone who prefers getting their plants for free.

Whether you enjoy growing plants from seed or are in the habit of sharing garden plants among friends, this book is a clear and easy guide.