Ultimate Student Cookbook: From Chicken To Chili

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Author Goodall, Tiffany
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More than 100 easy recipes for terrific food on a student's budget. Written by a chef who lived away from home on a limited budget while she was a culinary arts student, The Ultimate Student Cookbook enables college and university students to enjoy fresh and healthy food every day. Recognizing the pressures and realities of student life, these more than 100 delicious recipes: Require only 20 essential pieces of kitchen equipment<
> Use fewer than 20 staples from the cupboard<
> Call for healthy, inexpensive ingredients available at any grocery store<
> Include important guidelines on how to store food and observe good food hygiene<
> Use up leftovers and include various adaptations<
> Are complemented by step-by-step color
photographs that show the preparation and presentation of each dish<
> Recipes range from pizza, roast chicken and macaroni and cheese to curries, fajitas and risottos. Easy to use, encouraging to readers and packed with delicious ideas, this book will be a godsend to students living away from home -- and to parents with visions of scurvy.

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More than 100 easy recipes for terrific food on a student's budget.

Table of Contents
Content Basic Kitchen Equipment Pantry Ingredients Food Hygiene 1. Breakfast With Tiffany 2. Real Fast Food 3. Food On The Move 4. Healthy Days For The Girls 5. Boys Are Back In Town 6. Tiff's Tuesdays 7. Wasted Weekends 8. House Parties 9. Tiff's Treats Index Acknowledgments

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Hate to date myself but as college students in the 1970s our meals were a crossroads of old age and new age. We attempted to replicate Mother's home cooking while experimenting with the veggies, beans and grain combos that were coming to the fore. Much of it was less than spectacular but we had fun and of it was less than spectacular but we had fun and got some schooling in the kitchen in the process So I was curious to see what was cooking inside the freshly published The Ultimate Student Cookbook From Chicken to Chili (Firefly Books $14.95). Authored by Tiffany Goodall, a professional chef and a graduate of Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, the book offers more than 100 appealing recipes and loads of how to photos while keeping needed tools and staples to a minimum. I sure wasn't cooking this way when I was in school so I'm a bit envious. But it s never too late or too soon to learn.

[This] copiously illustrated cookbook...should appeal to any beginner, advanced beginner, or basic cook.

Lots of easy-to-follow, how-to photos accompany the recipes to help those who are encountering a kitchen for the first time. It also has some surprising and inventive recipes (grilled bananas for dessert, anyone?) for the more advanced cook.

This could be called the ultimate \"student of cooking\" book, as the easy recipes and step-by-step illustrative photographs would be invaluable to anyone embarking on cooking for themselves or others. Simple ingredients and explanations of spices and herbs remove any mystery or stumbling blocks.

If you are a student, or you know a student who's learning to cook, you may want to pick up the new cookbook, The Ultimate Student Cookbook. A great guide for beginner cooks...the book is a fun, practical and extremely tasty easy way to learn basic culinary skills.

Written for the student with no cooking experience, [Goodall] offers step-by-step photos that will make cooking a
eeze... Highly recommended for the numerous photographs and the variety of recipes.

Parents, don't panic. Put away those visions of scurvy. Quell your fears of massive student debt from expensive takeout. Terrific food is actually possible on a student budget.

At first glance, you might not think that this belongs in a "healthy cookbook" roundup, but consider the choices too often favored by time- and money-stretched college kids (McDonalds, anyone?). These recipes use real-food, economical ingredients that any college student could find and afford, making it easy to cook at home. I really love the layout of this book: It's got tons of super-simple how-to photos and dialogue "balloons" for every dish so even the most novice cook can follow along and not be intimidated. When students learn how easy and cheap it is to cook good food at home, that translates into better health for them and less money for fast-food joints. Divided into catchy categories like "Real Food Fast," "House Parties," "Food on the Move," and "Wasted Weekends," it even includes info on how to use up leftovers. I know what I'm giving my grad-school son!

What is so great about this cookbook is that every recipe has step-by-step photos that make it so easy for your student to prepare good meals while away at college.... Although this cookbook is designed with the college student in mind, any new cook would benefit from the simple recipes and photos.

Irresistible... .... an incredibly well-illustrated guide to meal prep... Goodall definitely knows what 20-somethings eat.

Goodall may have created a cookbook for the iGeneration in her new image-rich volume... will resonate with social media fans.

If you are a student, or you know a student who's learning to cook, you may want to pick up the new cookbook, The Ultimate Student Cookbook by Tiffany Goodall. A great guide for beginner cooks, it features recipes for all kinds of classic homestyle fare... Each recipe includes step-by-step full-colour photos, so you can literally see what your dish should look like as you're making it. The book is a fun, practical and extremely tasty way to learn basic culinary skills.