Home Gardener's Trees & Shrubs

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Author Squire, David
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Home Gardener's Trees & Shrubsis the essential guide to selecting, planting, improving and maintaining trees and shrubs in the garden.No matter what the type of garden or outdoor space, trees and shrubs are usually featured. This is because they are so versatile. Depending on the species chosen, shrubs and trees can form the background to a garden, be a focal point or add height to an overlooked garden. Whatever your garden needs, a tree or shrub can provide it. This book details the basics of choosing, buying, planting, establishing and transplanting. A comprehensive plant directory has A-Z lists of species within different categories - seasons, color, size etc. The final section of the book looks at how to care for shrubs and trees, giving practical advice on how to prune and clip, and the pests, diseases and other problems to watch out for.

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This essential guide to selecting, planting, improving, and maintaining trees and shrubs includes a comprehensive plant directory.