Psychodynamic Therapy For Personality Pathology: Treating Se

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Deftly combining contemporary theory with clinical practice, Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Pathology: Treating Self and Interpersonal Functioning is an invaluable resource for any clinician seeking a coherent model of personality functioning and pathology, classification, assessment, and treatment. This insightful guide introduces Transference-Focused Psychotherapy -- Extended (TFP-E), a specialized but accessible approach for any clinician interested in the skillful treatment of personality disorders.Compatible with the DSM-5 Section III Alternative Model for Personality Disorders -- and elaborating on that approach, this volume offers clinicians at all levels of experience an accessible framework to guide evaluation and treatment of personality disorders in a
oad variety of clinical and research settings.In this book, readers will find: • A coherent model of personality functioning and disorders based in psychodynamic object relations theory• A clinically near approach to the classification of personality disorders, coupled with a comprehensive approach to assessment• An integrated treatment model based on general clinical principles that apply across the spectrum of personality disorders• An understanding of specific modifications of technique that tailor intervention to the individual patient's personality pathology• Descriptions of specific psychodynamic techniques that can be exported to shorter-term treatments and acute clinical settingsPatient assessment and basic psychodynamic techniques are described in up-to-date, jargon-free terms and richly supported by numerous clinical vignettes, as well as online videos demonstrating interventions. At the end of each chapter, readers will find a summary of key clinical concepts, making this book both a quick reference tool as well as a springboard for continued learning.Clinicians looking for an innovative, trustworthy guide to understanding and treating personality pathology that combines contemporary theory with clinical practice need look no further than Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Pathology: Treating Self and Interpersonal Functioning.

Table of Contents
ForewordPrefaceVideo GuideChapter 1. Introduction: A Model of Treatment Targeting Self and Interpersonal Functioning Section I: Personality and Personality Disorders Through the Lens of Object Relations TheoryChapter 2. Personality and Personality Disorders Within the Framework of Object Relations TheoryChapter 3. Clinical Psychodynamics Within the Framework of Object Relations Theory: Conflict, Anxiety, Defense, and Internal Object Relations Section II: Overview of TFP-E: Basic Tasks, the Therapeutic Relationship, and Strategies of TreatmentChapter 4. Basic Tasks and Elements of Treatment Chapter 5. The Therapeutic Relationship: The Therapist's Attitude and Stance, the Therapeutic Alliance, Transference, and CountertransferenceChapter 6. Strategies of Treatment and Mechanisms of Change Section III: The Skillful ConsultationChapter 7. Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning Section IV: Establishing the Treatment FrameChapter 8. Essential Treatment Contracting: Behaviors, Adjunctive Treatments, and MedicationSection V: Techniques and Tactics of TFP-EChapter 9. Identifying a Focus for Intervention Chapter 10. Intervening I: Exploratory Interventions and the Interpretive Process Chapter 11. Intervening II: Transference Analysis and Tactics Guiding the Interpretive ProcessChapter 12. Intervening III: Integrating Supportive and Exploratory InterventionsSection VI: Phases of Treatment and Trajectories of ChangeChapter 13. Early, Middle, and Advanced Phases of TreatmentChapter 14. AfterwordAppendix: Helpful ResourcesIndex