Humane Livestock Handling: Understanding Livestock...

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Author Grandin, Temple
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Discover how humanely handling your livestock can improve the day-to-day operation and profitability of your farm. Stressing the importance of understanding livestock behavior, Temple Grandin shows you how to develop a respectful working relationship with your animals to promote their health and productivity. With detailed construction plans for animal-friendly facilities of all sizes and dozens of low-stress methods for moving your livestock on pastures, padlocks, and feedlot pens, this guide has everything you need to know to create a comfortable atmosphere for thriving, happy livestock.   

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:     Animal Perception
Chapter 2:     Genetics and Learned Behavior
Chapter 3:     From Pasture to Pen
Chapter 4:     At the Handling Facility
Chapter 5:     Humane Slaughter
Chapter 6:     Planning and Designing
Chapter 7:     Construction
Chapter 8:     Ranch Layout Options and Details
Chapter 9:     Gates, Latches, and Other Useful Things
Chapter 10:    Feedlots and Beef Plants

Review Quotes
If the animals on America's factory farms got together to award an Animal Nobel Peace Prize, they would surely give it to Temple Grandin.  Who else has brought her combination of deep empathy  and hard-headed engineering know-how to their lot?  "Humane Livestock Handling" will make that know-how more widely available, and few things could do more to improve the lot of these animals.  -Michael Pollan