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Author Carey, Jenny Rose
Cover Paperback
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Turn a shady yard into a sumptuous gardenShade is one of the most common garden situations homeowner’s have, but with the right plant knowledge, you can triumph over challenging areas and learn to em
ace shade as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. Glorious Shade cele
ates the benefits of shade and shows you how to make the most of it. This information-rich, hardworking guide is packed with everything you need to successfully garden in the shadiest corners of a yard. You'll learn how to determine what type of shade you have and how to choose the right plants for the space. The book also shares the techniques, design and maintenance tips that are key to growing a successful shade garden. Stunning color photographs offer design inspiration and reveal the beauty of shade-loving plants. 

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Shade is a blessing in disguise. Glorious Shade is an inspiring and information-rich guide that shows gardeners everywhere how to take advantage of it.

Review Quotes
“Great plant lists and design tips—Glorious Shade is full of helpful advice from a true gardener.” —David Culp, author of The Layered Garden   “For anyone planning a shade garden, this book is a must. It will inspire you to start digging.” —Holly Shimizu, former executive director, U.S. Botanic Garden   “Jenny Rose Carey simplifies the complexities of shade. This beautifully illustrated book glorifies the picturesqueness of green, while giving practical advice on
inging color to dark areas.” —Bill Thomas, executive director of Chanticleer, author of The Art of Gardening “Approachable, well-illustrated, thorough guide to shade planting. . . . especially recommended for collections lacking shade-gardening titles.” —Booklist “An excellent reference for gardeners working with shaded areas who are looking for inspiration.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk “Beautiful and instructional. . . . comprehensive. . . . one of the best.” —The Recorder “A stand out. . . . can’t think of a better volume of shade gardening that’s as useful.” —Garden Design Online “The book feels like you are learning all about shade gardening from your favorite, chatty neighbor. It covers a lot of ground, from the usual seasonal interest, plant selection and design perspective. But it also covers types of shade, seasonal shade shifts, soil improvement, what to plant when there’s root competition, maintenance, pests and diseases, deer resistance and more.” —The Oregonian