Pretty Tough Plants: 135 Resilient, Water-Smart Choices...

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Tough-but-beautiful plant picks

There’s a growing demand for dependably hardy plants that require less maintenance and less water, but look no less beautiful in the garden. Plant Select—the leading purveyor of plants designed to thrive in difficult climates—meets this need by promoting plants that allow gardeners everywhere to have stunning, environmentally-friendly gardens that use fewer resources. Pretty Tough Plants highlights 135 of Plant Select’s top plant picks. Each profile features a color photograph and specific details about the plant’s size, best features, and bloom season, along with cultural needs, landscape features, and design ideas. The plant list includes perennials and annuals, groundcovers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. A chart at the end of the book makes it easy to choose the right plants for specific conditions and needs.

Short Description
This full-color guide from the experts at Plant Select highlights 135 of the toughest, hardiest, and most colorful drought-tolerant plants.

Review Quotes
“This gorgeous, information-packed book showcases many great plants that lead to more regionally attuned, environmentally intelligent, and uniquely lovely gardens.” —Lauren Springer Ogden, plantswoman, designer, author
“This book is like a crystal ball that reveals how we can all create gorgeous, low-water gardens.” —Panayoti Kelaidis, director of outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens

“Pretty yet powerful. . . . Make your garden thrive no matter the weather.” —Birds & Blooms 

“There are plenty of resources out there that help you find these kinds of plants, but the information is scattered all over the place. That's why I was excited about Pretty Tough Plants. . . . Each plant has its own page (sometimes two), complete with stats like size, flower color and bloom season, preferred position (sun/shade), water requirements, and the kinds of pollinators it attracts. Subsections on "Culture," "Landscape Use," and "Native Range and Origins" provide a concise description of the plant.” —Succulents and More 

“Anyone looking for drought-tolerant, beautiful plants will appreciate this book. . . . This is a must-have book for anyone making a garden in the intermountain west and other dry areas.” —The American Gardener

“A labor of love by a group of passionate plant people.” —Denver Botanic Gardens