Walker's Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease

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Edition 06
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The revision of this definitive reference work (in two volumes) is dedicated to the maintenance of a comprehensive approach to the practice of Pediatric Gastroenterology. The text of the fifth edition was extensively reviewed to assess the continuing relevance and, as a result, the size and content of various sections have been modified and new chapters have been added. Each author, selected because of particular expertise in the field, has provided an authoritative and comprehensive account of his/her topic. Chapters have been reorganized such that normal anatomy, physiology, biochemistry is followed by pathology and disease states with diagnosis and treatment. Added emphasis on the genetic and molecular biology that underpins pathological states. The book fully covers the syllabus necessary for pediatric gastroenterologists in training, not only in North America, but throughout the world. Regularly
ought up to date, with assessment of the quality of the chapters on each new edition.