Cyanide & Happiness: Stab Factory

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Item#: 9781608867691
Author Kris, Rob, & Dave
Cover Paperback
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The bad boys of webcomics are back with a new collection of strips and sass!Once again, creators Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, and Dave McElfatrick combine some of their best strips and a host of never-before-seen comics into a new, collected book. In the best, sickest tradition,Cyanide & Happiness' simply drawn figures and the wildly inappropriate topics they cover—including cannibalism, murder, and incest—is most reminiscent ofSouth Park, but offers a profane sensibility all its own. Includes a foreword by comedian Bo Burnham and Poetry Corner, a collection of demented rhymes.Cyanide & Happinessis one of the longest-running, most popular, humor comic strips on the web, easily earning millions of hits per week. With its crudely drawn art and snarky humor,Cyanide & Happinesshas touched many a funny bone and is accessible to a legion of fans worldwide.