Adult Telephone Protocols

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This powerful decision-support tool is designed to help busy family practice and internal medicine offices handle a wide array of adult phone inquiries. It guides triagers through each call with the same step-by-step checklist organization and ease-of-use features as its companion resource,Pediatric Telephone Protocols.Adult Telephone Protocolsincludes over 100 proven protocols that cover 95% of the most common adult complaints. Look here for triage guidelines ranging from everyday problems such as back pain, insect bites, and sunburn to more serious conditions such as
eathing difficulty, seizures, and wound care.Time-saving, care-enhancing features include:- Highlighted triage assessment questions- Practical home care instructions- Call prioritization guide "Red flag" checklist for office support staff- Over-the-counter medication advice- Office resources checklistNew Updates include- Completely updated and revised for the first time in 6 years- 10newprotocols for a total of 115: Abdominal pain- Menstrual Cramps; Anaphylaxis; Ankle Pain; Back Injury; Chest Injury; Finger Pain; Influenza Exposure; Neck Injury; Urine- Blood In; Zika Virus Exposure- And more

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This great resource provides the expert help triagers need to handle a wide array of phone inquiries. The new 4th edition is completely revised and updated to include more than 100 protocols that provide step-by-step guidance for addressing 90% of the most common adult complaints.

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AAbdominal Pain - FemaleAbdominal Pain - MaleAbdominal Pain - Menstrual CrampsAbdominal Pain - UpperAlcohol Abuse and DependenceAnaphylaxisAnimal BiteAnkle and Foot InjuryAnkle PainArm PainAsthma AttackAthlete's FootBBack InjuryBack PainBee StingBreathing DifficultyBurnsCCast Symptoms and QuestionsChest InjuryChest PainCold Sores - Fever Blisters of LipCommon ColdConfusion - DeliriumConstipationCoughDDental Procedure Antibiotic ProphylaxisDepressionDiabetes - High Blood SugarDiabetes - Low Blood SugarDiarrheaDizzinessEEar - Swimmer's - Otitis ExternaEar PiercingEaracheElbow InjuryElbow PainEye - Chemical InEye - Foreign BodyEye - Pus or DischargeEye - Red Without PusEye InjuryFFaintingFeverFinger InjuryFinger PainFoot PainFrostbiteHHand and Wrist InjuryHand and Wrist PainHay Fever - Nasal AllergiesHead InjuryHeadacheHeart Rate and Heartbeat QuestionsHeat Exposure (Heat Exhaustion and HHigh Blood PressureHip InjuryHivesIImmunization ReactionsInfluenza - SeasonalInfluenza ExposureInfluenza Follow-Up CallInsect BiteJJock ItchKKnee InjuryKnee PainLLeg PainLeg Swelling and EdemaLymph Nodes - SwollenMMenstrual Period - Missed or LateMouth InjuryNNeck InjuryNeck Pain or StiffnessNeurologic DeficitNose InjuryNosebleedPPenis and Scrotum SymptomsPoison Ivy - Oak - SumacPoisoningPubic LicePuncture WoundRRash - Widespread on Drugs - Drug ReRash or Redness - LocalizedRash or Redness - WidespreadRectal BleedingRectal SymptomsSSeizureSexual Assault or RapeShoulder InjurySinus Pain and CongestionSkin Foreign BodySkin InjurySkin Lesion - Moles or GrowthsSore ThroatSpider BiteSTD Exposure and PreventionStrep Throat Test Follow-Up CallSubstance Abuse and DependenceSuicide ConcernsSunburnSuture or Staple QuestionsTTick BiteToe InjuryTooth InjuryToothacheUUrinalysis Results Follow-Up CallUrination Pain - FemaleUrination Pain - MaleUrine - Blood InVVaginal Bleeding - AbnormalVaginal DischargeVomitingVulvar SymptomsWWeakness (Generalized) and FatigueWound InfectionZZika Virus ExposureAppendices